About Us

As your workplace gets busier, your responsibilities increase and your resources shrink, who has the time to go on a Training Course? So how can you keep up-skilling to keep ahead of the game, fulfill your company’s mission as well as reach your own personal goals, without getting into overwhelm?

The answer is simple…’inthezone’ will come to you! Save travel time and costs, and even paying the overhead of hiring a seminar facility with expensive catering.

Our company offers ½ and 1 day courses on a variety of areas that may affect your organisation, be it a SME, a government department or a small family owned business.

These workshops will help bring out the best in your management and staff, so both the team members and the company benefits. That’s a win/win!

inthezone’s syllabus covers such topics as: Communication, Leadership, Presentation, Interviewing, Appraisal, and Conflict Resolution Skills; Sales; Customer Service and Handling Complaints; Telephone Techniques; Team Building; Time Management; Emotional Intelligence; Stress and Anger Management; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Train the Trainer Programs.

Contact Maggie Webber today on maggie@inthezone.com.au or or Mobile number 0490 035365, so she can tailor-make a training package that works best for you and your team.