inthezone’s syllabus covers such topics as: Communication, Leadership, Presentation, Interviewing, Appraisal, and Conflict Resolution Skills; Sales; Customer Service and Handling Complaints; Telephone Techniques; Team Building; Time Management; Emotional Intelligence; Stress and Anger Management; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Train the Trainer Programs. Contact Maggie Webber today on or 0490 035365, so she can tailor-make a training package that works best for you and your team.

Summary of Courses

Emotional Intelligence -

This presentation will benefit anyone who wishes to improve their work performance and/or advance their career. Emotional Intelligence is emerging as the single most effective business skill of this century. This course will provide delegates with simple and practical models to become more emotionally intelligent.         VIEW MORE...


Leadership and team leaders -

The importance of great leadership cannot be understated. Today's executives and team leaders must find creative ways to develop strategic opportunities that ensure the ongoing sustainability and profitability of their organizations.    VIEW MORE...


Stress Management -

Workplace stress is a serious employment issue that eats away at profits, reduces efficiency, affects 1 in 5 of the working population, is the biggest single cause of sickness in Australia. Now you can help address the balance. This is a Complete One Day Stress Management PowerPoint Presentation which offers many solutions for your workplace.



From small business owners to HR professionals, everyone should all have a common sense understanding of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


Powerful Presentations Skills -

It has never been more important to be able to inspire and change your audience with a fantastic presentation. Qualifications and experience can count for enought if the presentations you give do not challenge and provide a ‘call to action’ foryour audience. You can now add this One Day Training Package to your(remove the word ‘training’) portfolio, and provide a much needed service to your customers and clients. It is becoming more common for companies to ask for a Presentation at Interview Stage, and so you need to be prepared. Giving a good presentation is no longer enough – we need to give great presentations if we are to be noticed among the crowds. Everything is provided to run a One Day Training event on Presentation Skills. You can also use this to help you with your own Interview Presentations.        VIEW MORE...


Train the Trainer -

Many companies are turning to their internal staff resource to deliver their own training programmes. However, not everyone is a trainer and your managers and supervisors may need help. This Train the Trainer course is perfect. You will get everything you need to deliver the complete one day programme - including handouts, slides, notes and exercises.You can adapt, alter and change any part of this presentation and brand it for your own company.


Sales Training -

Sales is the link between products and customers. No business can operate successfully without a good sales team. This package covers such important topics as questioning techniques, body language, objection handling, and more.       VIEW MORE...

Team Building -

The power of team building underpins successful learning. It empowers people to trust, support, accept and appreciate each other, as well as promoting a climate of problem-solving and sharing.      VIEW MORE...


Telephone Skills -

Telephone Skills - This is a complete One Day Telephone Skills PowerPoint Presentation.  VIEW MORE

Performance Appraisal -

Discover how to make your company's employee review process both easier - and more effective - with our Performance Appraisal PowerPoint Presentation complete with Student hand-outs, Delivery timings, Support notes, Registration forms, Personal development plans, Goal sheets, Guidance notes, Student exercises, and Evidence sheets.


Communications -

Effective communication is key to great business. These course are ideal for companies who need to build effective working relationships, depend on good communication in critical situations and for anyone who would like to develop their own skills and confidence in communicating generally.         VIEW MORE...


Handling Complaints -

When providing a service or a product, it is essential to have in place a good system for handling customer problems and issues. All complaints must be handled professionally, consistently and above all, efficiently - otherwise your business reputation could be damaged beyond repair. This complete training presentation is ideal resource for your company’s training repertoire.


Interview Skills -

Interview Skills is about employing the right people for the job. Employing the wrong person is not only costly, but potentially devastating for your organisation. Get the process wrong at the interview stage and it could be the Interviewer’s job that is advertised next! Get it right and they get noticed for all the right reasons. This package includes guidance on Body Language and Questioning Techniques therefore making it also suited to those who are being interviewed.


Customer Service -

Business sustainability is affected by many factors. However, there is one factor that is always present in the mix, and that is Customer Service. Good customer service is essential and cannot be taken for granted. Every organization needs training in Customer Service, and this presentation provides a comprehensive one day training program to covers the many facets of this topic.         VIEW MORE...